Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fondant @ Buttercream ???

kadang-kadang ade orang bertanya, mane yg lebih baik tuk buat kek wedding, fondant @ buttercream..
kt sini saya share tips untuk buat pilihan yang terbaik untuk Majlis anda..
saya amek ni dr ezine articles...

Pros and Cons of Fondant

Fondant has a few properties that make it extremely useful for decorating certain kinds of cakes. First of all, because of the nature of the substance, fondant can help you create an incredibly smooth finished look to your cake that you simply can’t get with icing or buttercream.

If you’re not familiar with fondant, think about the last time you went to a wedding. Chances are, the wedding cake had fondant on at least some part of it, if not the entire icing. Professional cake bakers like fondant because of the smooth and “polished” look it gives a cake.

The consistency of fondant also means it can be shaped and moulded in ways that other types of icing can’t. Of course, you can have liquid fondant or fondant that has a consistency like play dough. This more solid form of fondant can simply be rolled out and used to cover the cake like a sheet. This is how you can avoid having gaps, bubbles or divots in the icing.

One of the big drawbacks of fondant is how hard it is to make – again, one of the reasons it is most often seen on professionally made cakes. Of course, you can simply buy a pre-made fondant mix.
Another drawback of fondant is that some people don’t like the marshmallow-like taste of it. Also, the consistency of fondant makes it a little “chewy” – not a pleasant texture for many cake lovers.

Pros and Cons of Buttercream

Some of the drawbacks of buttercream can already be seen by what we’ve said about fondant: buttercream can’t give you that same smooth, finished look, so if appearances are important for your cake then you will probably prefer fondant. However, buttercream has a few advantages of its own.

Many people prefer the taste of buttercream over fondant. Also, the texture of buttercream is a lot more in line with how most people think icing “ought to” feel. However, this texture also means decorating with buttercream can be a more delicate process.

sekarang terpulang kepada anda untuk menentukan yg terbaik buat majlis anda..

some photo of wedding cakes.....picture..kredit to google..:)



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